2020 Property Tax statements are being mailed out the week of Nov. 20th, 2020.

  • Dewey
  • Dusty L. Fox, Treasurer
  • Location of Treasurer's Office:
  • PO BOX 38 Taloga, OK 73667
  • Phone: 580-328-5501
  • Fax: 580-328-5451
  • E-Mail: deweycountytreasurer@deweycounty.us
  • Office Hours: Monday thru Friday, 8 AM to 4:00 PM

WELCOME TO THE Dewey county treasurer WEBSITE!

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A Note from the Treasurer: 

Happy Fall Dewey County! I hope you and your family are staying safe and healthy during these trying time. My office has mailed out 2020 Ad Valorem Tax statements and you should be receiving them around November 23rd, 2020. If you do not get yours by December 1st, please call our office. You can also look up and pay your taxes through this website. The Dewey County Courthouse is still under restricted access, however you are still more than welcome to come in to pay your taxes. Please call our office when you arrive so that a deputy can screen you in. 

As always, at least one half of your taxes must be postmarked by December 31st, 2020 to avoid any penalty. The last half will then be due my March 31st, 2021. 

It is my pleasure to serve the citizens of Dewey County, please feel free to contact my office with any questions. 


Dusty L Fox, 

Dewey County Treasurer


NOTICE:  The Dewey County Commissioners enacted a County Emergency Declaration regarding the   COVID-19 pandemic.  In order to ensure continued County Government operations, access to the Dewey County Courthouse has been restricted.  If you require access into the courthouse in order to conduct business, during this difficult time, please contact the specific office necessary and make an appointment.  Upon arrival you will be screened based on the Department of Health guidelines prior to admission.    

Furthermore,  the safety and security of the citizens of Dewey County are our top priority.  While the courthouse will be fully operational and prepared to fulfill the obligations to the people, it is important to limit the number of people that enter the courthouse.  Therefore, if able, it is preferred that business be conducted via mail, email, fax, or telephone.

As always, it is my pleasure to serve the citizens of Dewey County.  

Dusty Fox, Dewey County Treasurer   


Please feel free to contact the Dewey County Treasurers office with any questions or concerns at 580-328-5501. We are here to serve Dewey County. 

Check back often for updates from Dusty Fox and the Dewey County Treasurer's Office. 



                                        DATE                                                      EVENT               

October 15

County Assessor certifies the tax amounts to be collected.

Mid- November

Current tax statements are mailed out and become due and payable.

December 31

Last day to pay full amount or one half of taxes due before they become delinquent.

December 31

Due date for all taxes paid by mortgage companies. Mortgage companies must pay full amout due.

March 31

Last day to pay second half of taxes due before becoming delinquent.

Mid- April

Delinquent tax statements are mailed out for Personal Property.

Mid- May

Delinquent Personal Property taxes are published in the local newspaper.

Second Monday in June


Mid- July

 Delinquent Real Estate Tax Statements are mailed out.

Mid- August

 Delinquent Real Estate taxes are published in the local newspaper.

September 30

 All add/deletes for mortgage group codes are due in by the mortgage companies.





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