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  • Okfuskee
  • Lori Coplin, Treasurer
  • Location of Treasurer's Office:
  • 209 N. 3rd St, P.O. Box 308, Okemah, OK 74859
  • Phone: 918-623-1494
  • Fax: 918-623-1008
  • E-Mail:
  • Office Hours: Monday thru Friday, 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM

WELCOME TO THE Okfuskee county treasurer WEBSITE!

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The County Treasurer does NOT determine the amount of any tax.  Taxable values are determined by the County Assessor and the County Equalization Board.  Tax rates (millage rates) are set by the Excise Board.  Taxes are based upon budgets submitted by taxing jurisdictions and include the amounts necessary to pay bonded indebtedness approved by a vote of the people.


The Treasurer's office conducts a public auction on the second Monday of each June.  The auction is for the sale of real estate for non-payment of ad valorem property taxes or non payment of special assessments such as cleaning and mowing.  The sale is open to the public and all prpoerties are sold to the highest bidder.  Lists of these properties become available in May preceding the June auction.  







*While the Treasurer's Office makes every effort to ensure the correctness of amounts due, any error contained herein does not constitute a waiver of any tax amounts by or for the County Treasurer's office or the Taxpayer. This website is a courtesy, and amounts are subject to change due to penalties, publications, special assessments, warrant fees, etc.*