Effective December 2, 2020 the Court House is closed to the public, due to COVID 19. To pay taxes you will need to pay by mail or online. For your health safety and ours we will not come to the door to get your money at this time. 

 We are working, you may call us at 580-332-0183 or our Annex Office 580-279-0837. 

Thank you for your patience. Be safe and stay healthy. 

  • If the first half was not paid by December 31 of the tax year the full payment will be required.
  • Postmark date is accepted when meeting deadlines, with the exception of publication or sale.
  • Delinquent taxes accrue a monthly penalty of 1.5%, plus fees if they have been published. 
  • If your statement has BT(back tax) noted, please call for the total amount due for the back years. 
  • You may pay online through this website. A convenience fee of 2.95% will apply. 


  • Pontotoc
  • Paula Hall, Treasurer
  • Location of Treasurer's Office:
  • P.O. BOX 1808 100 W. 13th Room 122 Ada, Oklahoma
  • Phone: 580-332-0183
  • Fax: 580-332-5974
  • E-Mail: pontotocco@gmail.com
  • Office Hours: Monday thru Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM

WELCOME TO THE Pontotoc county treasurer WEBSITE!

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1st 1/2 Payments can no longer be accepted for the 2020 tax year. Any 1/2 payments postmarked after 12-31-20 will be returned. 

Penalty begins on January 16th for any 2020 taxes that aren't in office or postmarked by January 15, 2021. 

Due to COVID 19 most offices in the Pontotoc County Court House, including the Treasurer's Office, will be closed to the public. We apologize for the inconvenience but you will need to pay by mail or online. We do have a drop box inside the Court House door. 


Call if you have any questions regarding taxes. 580-332-0183 or 580-279-0837.  Refer to the tax roll item # in the top right corner of the statement.

A $10.00 fee will be added to any E Check payment that returns Non Sufficient Funds. 


While the Treasurer's Office makes every effort to ensure the correctness, any error contained herein does not constitute a waiver of any tax amounts by or for the County.