Option of paying half taxes only through Dec. 31  The second half deadline is  March 31

Options of payments:  check, cash, online, dropbox located north doors of courthouse(no cash in drop box) Payments can be mailed, online at oktaxrolls.com, dropbox, or in person (we would love to see you!)  At this point there are no COVID restrictions


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  • Penny Huff, Treasurer
  • Location of Treasurer's Office:
  • 112 E. Guthrie St Room 105, Medford, OK 73759
  • Phone: 580-395-2284
  • Fax: 580-395-2256
  • E-Mail: pennyd@grantcountyok.org
  • Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-4pm HOLIDAY CLOSINGS-Monday, May 27,2024

Tax payments updated through ... close-of-business.

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